Discover Innovation in Smart Security Products


Discover Innovation in Smart Security Products


Create a digital twin for control centers that is accessible from anywhere using a portable VR headset to enable remote […]


Keyless is a premier solution for seamless access management for property owners, managers, and guests. It is a seamless access […]

Secure Path
Secure Path

Is a real-time, web-based GPS tracking and fleet management solution that is used to monitor and track vehicles.


E-Guard is a device connecting the video surveillance system and intruder alarm system of a property to a central monitoring […]

Security Audit
Security Audit

Ensuring that companies and organizations in the security industry are meeting the required standards and regulations set by SIRA to […]

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Partner Insights: What Others Have Shared About Us

At ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies we deeply value and are proud to be working with the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and UXE. The Keyless initiative launched by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and UXE Security Solutions is generating great value to the community by creating the perfect environment

Alfonso D'Andretta

Chief Sales Officer

UXE Security Solutions is one of the key drivers in revolutionizing UAE’s holiday home rental industry. Dormakaba is excited to have partnered with AlMuhark in providing the next-level property management and guest experience.

Tarek Marawan

Senior VP MENA

I wanted to extend my warmest congratulations to you and your team on the outstanding event. it was truly enjoyable and remarkable achievement. The efforts and attention to detail that went into making it a success was evident, the atmosphere was both professional and welcoming. It also gave us the opportunity to met and discuss our business relation with the management of SIRA and UXE Security Services.

Ayman Chahen

Middle East Cluster Manager

UXE Security Solutions proudly holds the position of being the premier smart business support and a reliable security provider in MENA region.

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