Established in 2018, UXE Security Solutions proudly holds the position of being the premier smart business support and a reliable security provider in MENA region.

Committed to delivering services of the highest professional quality, we distinguish ourselves by adopting a unique strategy grounded in Smart Cutting-edge, Innovative Technology.

With a considerable client base exceeding 750 clients, we navigate a dynamic and culturally rich environment, embodying the core values of reliability and professionalism.

At UXE, we specialize in offering comprehensive and tailored smart security solutions, designed to meet the diverse needs of various sectors and industries.

Our ecosystem of products and services allows clients to address multiple security requirements within a singular, integrated framework.

Having undergone significant diversification, we have emerged as a pioneer in smart city technologies, AI Solutions, Security services and audits.

As a key player in these sectors, UXE has evolved into the foremost business support and tech company provider in the UAE.

We proudly carry forward the legacy set by the leaders of the UAE, delivering top-notch security solutions finely tuned to the diverse needs of our clients.

Across a wide spectrum of industries, we extend our security expertise to educational institutions, hospitality sector, financial institutions, warehouse and logistics centres, retail, shopping malls, transportation, residential communities, cultural heritage sites, and amusement parks.

Our wide range of solutions underlines our commitment to meeting distinct security demands across various industries.

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Our VisionOur Mission


Our Vision


Our Mission

Shaping the future of global safety.


At UXE, our commitment to living out our values is at the heart of everything we do

United For Impact

Together We Lead the Way to Shape the future.

Innovation In Motion

Adapting, Creating, and Surpassing boundaries.

Excellence In Action

Pushing Boundaries, Defining Standards.

Integrity At the Core

Establishing a culture of Trust and Loyalty

Reliable in Commitment

Delivering a promise of reliable consistency.

Agile To Thrive

Thriving through Responsiveness and Enduring Change.


Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

For Goverments

Elevate government security with our All-in-One Security Platform: centralized surveillance, real-time analysis, and remote access for unparalleled protection.

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For Business

Unlock the potential for seamless innovation and growth in the private sector with our cutting-edge UXE solutions. Discover tailored offerings designed to elevate your business through a seamless user experiences and unparalleled solutions. Explore a new era of possibilities for your organization at UXE. where innovation meets excellence.!

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Discover Innovation in Smart Security Products


Create a digital twin for control centers that is accessible from anywhere using a portable VR headset to enable remote […]


Keyless is a premier solution for seamless access management for property owners, managers, and guests. It is a seamless access […]

Secure Path
Secure Path

Is a real-time, web-based GPS tracking and fleet management solution that is used to monitor and track vehicles.

Our Collaborative Partnerships Fueling Innovation, Growth, and Success Together


Partner Insights: What Others Have Shared About Us

At ISEO Ultimate Access Technologies we deeply value and are proud to be working with the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and UXE. The Keyless initiative launched by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency and UXE Security Solutions is generating great value to the community by creating the perfect environment

Alfonso D'Andretta

Chief Sales Officer

UXE Security Solutions is one of the key drivers in revolutionizing UAE’s holiday home rental industry. Dormakaba is excited to have partnered with AlMuhark in providing the next-level property management and guest experience.

Tarek Marawan

Senior VP MENA

I wanted to extend my warmest congratulations to you and your team on the outstanding event. it was truly enjoyable and remarkable achievement. The efforts and attention to detail that went into making it a success was evident, the atmosphere was both professional and welcoming. It also gave us the opportunity to met and discuss our business relation with the management of SIRA and UXE Security Services.

Ayman Chahen

Middle East Cluster Manager


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UXE Security Solutions proudly holds the position of being the premier smart business support and a reliable security provider in MENA region.

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